About Orchard Ridge Residences Senior Living Community In Dalton, GA

Orchard Ridge Residences wishes to be the best senior living and dementia care community in Dalton for you and your family. Picture living here with all of the amenities and features we offer in addition to our clinical and medical services. If you are searching for senior living communities or Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Dalton, GA, schedule a visit with us and discover why many families in the area trust us for quality care.

Orchard Ridge Residences' Personal Care and Memory Care sign in front of building exterior at sunset

Our Senior Living, Personal, and Memory Care Amenities

Exploring Our Community in Dalton, GA

Our community is proudly located in Dalton near important places for our residents such as grocery stores, banks, local entertainment, doctor’s offices, and a variety of restaurants like BBQ, Mexican, delis, cafes, and more. 

Senior couple at an outdoor table having tea

We'll make your life easier.

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